The Young, The Restful & Their Sleepers

With special apologies to one of the longest running and most popular soapies in the world. Is it even still running? Not that you would have known. You’ve just got so much on your plate these days, tending to your months old child. What a noisy, boisterous bunch of life. You wonder where the child got it all from from such a young age, and so small too. Baby sleepers is what you need. And maybe, just maybe, you can watch your favorite soapie in peace and quiet. Because that’s just the thing about these sleepers.

Baby sleepers

It’s so comfy, it’s bound to get baby to go all dozy on you and drop off to sleep. Yet again. It’s like wearing a blanket. It’s so warm and fuzzy and it’s alwaysÂ…oh, said that. Just so comfy. Problem though, is that by the time baby drops off, you’re just about to drop off as well. You’re tired to the bone. So there goes watching your favorite soapie. And you can forget about the weekend omnibus special. A great time to relax on the couch, all comfy like. But no sooner has baby gone to bed, and you’re snuggled into your couch, you’re gone too.

Lights out. But all good from now on. You’ve found the perfect antidote for getting peace and quiet anyhow. And if you’re one of the lucky ones, with plenty of time on your hands, plenty of energy and no bundles of nerves, more than enough vooma to go on regular walks with baby and pram to the park, your baby, also a hive of activity, is soon calm and peaceful. That’s the baby sleeper’s doing. Buy a bunch of these and you’ve got one for each day of the week.